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  1. How do we make a booking?Please fill in all the fields in the bookings request form at https://minutechefs.com.au/booking-request-form/ and we will send you a quote if the date is available. We will then need a deposit to be paid into the account provided on the quote.
  2. When are final numbers required?Final numbers are needed 7 working business days in advance from the catering date.
  3. Why do you need final numbers so far in advance? And why is there an administration fee for changes to the final invoice numbers?Final numbers 7 days in advance ensures all your guests are catered for. The administration required for catering involves rosters, ordering of the correct amount of food from suppliers, and kitchen run sheets so the chefs can prepare the correct amount of food. If the final numbers are changed late all these processes need to be changed costing much more than $50 in administration costs.
  4. Why are some menus not available for weddings?Weddings have a higher expectation of service and require much more communication and preparation. So the weddings menus cost more because we provide more staff and a higher level of service.
  5. For my wedding can I book another catering menu other than the wedding menus?Yes they are available for off peak times like June and July weddings.
  6. Do I need a kitchen for my catering?Not necessarily although it does make our job easier. If you have finger food we will require power and running water and benches to work from. For spit roasts and weddings we need just two trestle tables to set the buffet line up on. We do recommend running water and power for most functions but if you don’t have finger food we can cater without these.
  7. Do you wash up and clear the tables?For catered functions and weddings yes we do. For a delivered spit roast you will need to ask the guests to throw out there disposable plates that’s it.
  8. Are staff included in the prices?A delivered spit roast is delivered and self-service so there are no staff. General catering up to 60 people for a 1 course meal will have a chef to serve the buffet and clear the plates. If you have desserts also up to 60 people then a waiter will be included. For every 60 guests we send a chef and a waiter and an additional waiter for every extra 60 guests.
  9. If I supply my own plates for my catering or wedding is the price cheaper?Our plates and cutlery are included however if you choose to supply your own plates and cutlery and you wish to wash these also the price is $1.50pp cheaper. If you still require us to clean these items then the price remains the same to cover the staff wages.
  10. If I require disposable plates and cutlery for my catering is the price cheaper?Yes the price is $1.50/person cheaper. We will provide firm palm leaf plates and compostable cutlery for your function instead.
  11. If I provide my own disposable plates and cutlery for my catering is the price cheaper?Yes it would be $1.90/person cheaper.
  12. How many staff will be at my wedding?We always send an extra staff member to weddings to ensure your special day runs as smoothly as possible. This is also why we charge more for weddings than the other catering options. We send a chef and 2 waiters for weddings of 80- 120ppl every additional 40 guests on top of 120ppl has an extra waiter included.
  13. Where do I find the salad list?At our website: https://minutechefs.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/Gourmet_Salad_Selections.pdf
  14. Do you take tentative bookings?No we don’t. We need to issue a quote and then a deposit and written confirmation is required to ensure your function is booked.
  15. Are the deposits refundable?Yes if you change your mind within two weeks we will happily refund the deposit. Unfortunately after two weeks we do not refund the deposit. The deposit is to ensure the date is booked for you. Once you are booked the date is unavailable and we say no to other potential paying clients that could have had your date instead.
  16. Will my delivered spit roast stay warm?Yes. We deliver the spit roast in foil trays that are in insulated foam boxes. The food stays piping hot for 4 hours.
  17. If I supply my own plates for the delivered spit roast is the price cheaper?Yes its $0.50/person cheaper to use your own plates for a delivery.
  18. Prices for Kids for Wedding Buffet PackageKids are $20.50 /child for weddings. The children need to be aged between 4years and 10 years old. Kids under 4 are free and over 10 years are adult price. The finger food and cake are charged at the same price as the adults.
  19. Catering Address(Radcliffes and Port53 restaurant) 2-10 Radcliffe St Echuca